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Video First - Example Script for Campaign
Video First - Example Script for Campaign

Here's a script for recording a video first review!

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Feel free to use the below scripts as examples/guidelines for creating your Video First video's.

VIDEO 1 - Invitation Video

Hey guys, my name's [First Name], I'm the [Job Title] of [Company] and I'm here just to firstly, thank you for choosing [Company] to [Company Proposition], but also just to let you know that your opinion really does matter. It helps us develop better products and services, and it also helps other people make an informed decision as to whether or not they'd like to jump on board.

So if you get a moment, you can either leave us a written review or a video review, just follow the prompts and we'll chat to you soon. Thank you.

VIDEO 2 - Tips Video

Fantastic! You decided to record a video review for us. We've got a couple of little tips for you. First of all, record portrait, rather than landscape. If you can't do that, you can either put the phone on a stand or just have a friend or family member hold the video for you.

Share your experience, you know, any wins, anything that you really loved about the [Product] would be absolutely fantastic. And look, you can either record the video within your phone and then upload it from here, or you can actually just record a video straight from within the app. And don't worry, you do get a chance to review first before you upload and go live.

And that's it. So have fun. Thanks again. And we'll chat to you soon.

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