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How do page scanning services like GTMetrix pick up your widgets
How do page scanning services like GTMetrix pick up your widgets

A short explanation on how our widgets work and what page scanning services like GTMetrix don't see.

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Services like GTMetrix are great for analysing your website performance and scanning your pages, but this common issue might be providing you with a false flag.

To provide your customers with the best User Experience it’s important that certain bits of information are rendered to the page as the page loads. Our widgets are one. Our widgets are rendered to the page when the page loads and therefore are not naturally deffered as it’s better for the user experience.

Deffering of Javascript:

It is possible to defer the javascript however you would need to implement this in a method of your design & choosing and this is not something we can support.

A simple way of doing this would be to wrap our functions in a window.onload=function() {...widget javascript call here ..}; but you would be best to seek advice from your development team.

We don't add cache expire headers because we use cloudflare - this is not picked up in page scanning services like GTmetrix and we don't use browser cache headers so we can serve the latest review scores.

It’s important to remember that providing your visitors with the latest reviews and ratings, as well loading this information on page load will help them in making a decision to choose you over your competition. Our widget Javascript and the majority of our CSS is minified to provide optimised speeds on our widgets. If you have any concerns over the performance of our widgets, we provide API access for our Enterprise users. Our API documentation can be found by navigating to: Reviews Setup > Publishing > Widget Library > API where you can build your own custom widget.

To upgrade your account to Enterprise to gain API access please contact a member of our team using our live chat feature.

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