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The Benefits of Product Rich Results and Product Review Rich Snippets
The Benefits of Product Rich Results and Product Review Rich Snippets

A complete guide to getting organic stars in Google with product reviews.

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Google displays star ratings against search results, but only for companies who collect product reviews and also include the relevant Google-friendly code on their product/service pages. You can take advantage of Rich Results and the benefits they bring.


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What are Rich Snippets and what do they do?

Rich snippets are a term used to describe structured data which can be added to your webpages HTML. This allows for a search engine (e.g Google) to read or ‘Crawl’ your webpage and understand the information you present. It must be noted that review rich snippets are just one type of rich snippet, and that is what our widget allows for.

Once Google has determined the content of your page by crawling the data, it will then be able to display this in Search Engine Results Pages (or SERP’s for short). Review data will benefit your product pages through Rich Snippet data.

This allows for your product pages to increase visibility in SERPs, giving you the competitive edge over a competitor who may be selling the same product.

What are the benefits of Rich Snippet Results?

Rich snippets allow consumers to educate themselves more quickly by viewing data of the particular product, without actually clicking onto your product page. They will be able to instantly see the overall rating of the product, and the number of reviews that particular product has. This also gives the consumer the ability to assess whether your product/service is right for them.

By accessing this information immediately in the SERP’s before clicking on the product, when the consumer does click on your product page, they are more likely to stay on site for longer, resulting in an increase in conversion.

Ultimately, product review rich snippet data has been found to increase click-through rate by 10-30%.

In a nutshell, it is specifically structured data on your product pages that gives information to search engines (Google), about that particular product’s rating, and review count, for the consumer to view pre-clicking onto the particular product pages. Just have a think… are you more likely to click on a product with 10 reviews, and an average rating of 4.5, or the exact same product from another business, with no reviews and no ratings at all? Your company needs to stay competitive through rich snippet data by outclassing your competition through all aspects of the customer journey.


How Do I Enable Product Rich Snippets?

We have another article on how to implement that here

Why can’t I display rich snippets on pages other than my product pages?

Google has announced that changes certain aspects of Review Rich Snippets for company reviews. Review rich snippets are the organic stars that you've been seeing across Google for certain results in the SERPS.

What if I'm using a third-party widget to display reviews about my business?

Google Search won't display review snippets for those pages. Embedding a third-party widget is seen as controlling the process of linking reviews.

Do I need to remove self-serving reviews from LocalBusiness or Organization?

No, you don't need to remove them. Google Search just won't display review snippets for those pages anymore.

Will I get a manual action for having self-serving reviews on my site?

You won’t get a manual action just for this. However, we recommend making sure that your structured data matches our guidelines.

Does this update affect my Google My Business listing/profile?

No, Google My Business is not affected as this update only relates to organic Search.

Will sites that gather reviews about other organizations be affected?

No, that’s unchanged. Sites that gather reviews can show up with review snippets (for their reviews of other organizations) in search results.

Does this update apply to AggregateRating too?

Yes. It applies to Review and AggregateRating.

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