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Installation instructions for Expert Answers Q&A widget

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Expert Answers is a Question and Answer (Q&A) widget that enables customers to ask questions about a product or service directly on your site. For each question asked, you'll receive a notification in your Timeline. Any responses to questions will be shown in your widget.


⭐️ Available on Start-Up and above plans!

Navigation πŸ“

  • Log into your Dashboard

  • Navigate to Publishing > Widget Library

  • Select Expert Answers.

This widget is designed for you to offer your own knowledge to your customers and as such, the questions are answered only by you, not other customers.

Embedding the Expert Answers Widget

Select either Product or Company review questions from the tab and copy the appropriate code to your page πŸ‘‡


You will need to enter either an SKU or group name to organize your questions for specific products or categories. Use the group: 'SKU_OR_GROUP' config to group-related questions.

If no SKUs are provided e.g group: '', then the URL of the page where the widget is installed will be used to group questions.

How to use the Expert Answers widget

Any questions will appear as notifications in your Timeline. To take action, simply click on the question as you would with any other Timeline content, and from here you are able to reply to the question.


Please be advised that the questions will only be published if you opt to provide answers!

How to Manage Your Experts

You can create an 'expert' to answer your questions by clicking Manage Experts.

Next, click Add a New Expert. You can assign a name and a profile picture to be displayed when answering your questions. The notes are for internal use only and do not display within the widget πŸ‘‡

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