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UGC is a solution consisting of two parts: Gallery and Publish. These tools are designed for businesses to leverage influential customers and non-customer content on Instagram to increase reach, engagement, and revenue.

UGC: Gallery gives you the opportunity to interact with influencers who are mentioning your business online. Whenever an Instagram user tags your company in a post, it will appear in this list.

UGC: Publish allows you to use user-generated images from Instagram within a widget on your site. This widget contains review content and also lets your visitors buy products in shoppable galleries.

Note: Your review videos will play, however, Instagram videos are fetched as still images!

Note: By default, the photos and videos in our widgets and profile page remain unpublished. You are able to manually select the ones you want to publish.

However, the UGC widget functions differently as it provides a feature that allows clients to automatically publish videos and photos within the widget.

There is a setting available for the UGC gallery that can be disabled if a client prefers not to auto-publish content to their UGC widget:

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