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Competitor Analysis - How to monitor your competition
Competitor Analysis - How to monitor your competition

Millions of data points at your fingertips

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Competitor Analysis with enables instant visual bench-marking for your business to see where you sit alongside your competition. Leverage all your competitors' customer feedback and data with Competitor Analysis to reinforce your own brand, draw their audience to your business, and give them the experience they're looking for.


โญ๏ธ ๏ธ Available on Grow and Plus plans

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Instructions โš™๏ธ

  • Click Setup Competitors

In the popup, add the names of up to three competitors you wish to monitor, then click View Competitor Analysis.

Your Competitor Analysis page will now be populated with data.

Overall Rating & Total Reviews

The Overall Rating section gives you the review totals and score across and other review platforms if applicable. Any rating under 3 will appear red, above 3 yellow and above 4 green.

Total Reviews shows the final count of every single review that has been left for that business, anywhere online. It is their complete review total. Total Reviews is then broken down into the number of reviews left of individual review channels.

Merchant Metrics

Merchant Metrics are created from a combination of automated data and customer review responses during the review collection process. The information within each category varies from type of delivery method to order accuracy, the time it takes to resolve customer service queries, and the time it takes for refunds to process.

Merchant Metrics are created from additional questions answered by customers when they are leaving reviews within your review collector, and are therefore dependent on customer data. The questions provided to customers aren't editable within your collector, but are instead automatically asked if customers present certain sentiments within their written review.
For example, if a customer writes within their review that their received their order quickly, they are given the option to answer a question stating precisely how long it took for their order to arrive. Customers will only be asked one question regarding one sentiment they have written - either Shipping & Delivery, Customer Service or Returns & Refunds - in the category with the fewest amount of data being chosen if they have written more than one sentiment.

Net Promoter Score

The NPS score section gives you just that.

Search Traffic, Google Ad traffic & Keywords

From public data you can report on organic and paid traffic to your competitors sites, alongside keyword volumes. This data is always approximate but could give you an idea of where you compare.

Technology used

Find out the technology stack and approximate monthly cost in use by your competitors.


  • Is competitor analysis able to analyze any businesses data?

Competitor data may not be available for all chosen businesses, or data may be missing. If data is incomplete, there is currently not enough data to support analysis for that business or aspects of it.

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