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OpenCart Reviews Plugin

Integrate and Opencart

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This article details the installation procedure for Opencart <=1.5 and Opencart >=2.0.

For information on how to install for Opencart v3 click here.


โญ๏ธ Available on the Grow and Plus plans

Navigation ๐Ÿ“

  • Navigate to Reviews Setup >> Collection >> Integration Library >> OpenCart.

Instructions โš™๏ธ

Both have differing installation methods. Choose which platform you are using and you'll be directed to the correct part of the article.

Installation of Opencart Reviews Plugin


Our OpenCart extension requires VQMod. If you don't already have VQMod please follow the instructions at:

If you're using custom templates in OpenCart then custom modifications to the plugin will be required.

Opencart <= 1.5 Reviews Integration

Note: Tested on OpenCart

Opencart >= 2.0 Reviews Integration

Note: Tested on OpenCart

Post-Installation Procedure

  • In OpenCart, navigate to Options

  • Set Allow Reviews to No

  • Set Allow Guest Reviews to No

This step is important as it will disable OpenCart's default review system.

OpenCart Automated Review Collection

After you have installed into your OpenCart eCommerce site, you'll need to check that the Automated Review Invitation Emails are being sent.

  • In OpenCart, navigate to System >> Settings >> Orders >> Order History

  • Filter Order Status to Complete

  • In, navigate to Invitations >> Invitation History

  • Compare orders between systems to ensure the orders in's Review Invitation History correspond to OpenCart Complete orders.

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