Now that you have completed our 3 step guide to setting up review collection and have reviews appearing in your Timeline from your customers, it's time to get these on site! 

Whilst we have an extensive widget library available, the experts at have put together a feature album of the best publishing practices for your homepage, collection pages and your product pages. Dive right in below!

One of the most important places to which your customers are going to see your reviews, is the homepage. Ideally, you would want all of your reviews whether that be company, product and/or 3rd party appearing here. Our 'Card Carousel' Widget displays all of your reviews and is able to be customised fully to stay on-brand with your business. It is a scrollable widget containing review cards with reviewer names, star ratings and comments.

In terms of the customisation capability, you can edit the following to stay on-brand with your business:

For a look at all of our other widgets for your homepage, see here

Your Product Pages - 'Product Product Widget' 

The Product Reviews widget is our latest and greatest widget for your product pages. If you were looking to display all of your reviews for your particular product, with colour customisation, filters and more, then this is your go to. For a full list of customisation options see here. Further, this widget also includes rich snippet data already for your organic stars in search engine page results.

The Product Reviews widget is available for you to access the widget code here

Your Category Pages & Product Pages - Product Rating Snippet

The product rating snippet is an essential piece of review publishing. Customers are able to see the overall rating and total number of reviews when skimming through your product catalogue or looking at your product pages. 

On Product Pages:

The product ratings snippet is available for you to access the widget code here

In Summary

Now that you have taken a good look at our all star library, it would be great to follow the above links and implement onsite! If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to use our live chat in the bottom right of your dashboard for support. 

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