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BigCommerce - Alternative BCC Method
BigCommerce - Alternative BCC Method

Integrate and BigCommerce using the BCC Method

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To complete this installation, you will require your company BCC Email address, the location of which can be found by following the instructions in this article


  • Available on all plans


  • Log into your Dashboabrd

  • Navigate to Integrations

  • Select BCC Dispatch Emails


Set up BCC Email

  • Log in to Big Commerce

  • Navigate to Store Setup >> Store settings

  • Click on the Miscellaneous tab

  • Under Email Settings, you will see Forward Order Invoices

  • Check the box next to Yes, forward order invoices to:

  • Input the following email: [your-store-id-here]

  • Click Save

Amend Invoice Email

  • Navigate to Marketing > Transaction emails

  • Click Edit Template on the Order Email Template

  • Click Code

  • Insert the following code at the bottom of the HTML

<!-- Data -->

  • Hit Save.

We will now automatically be forwarded your order emails to queue an invite off the back of. You will see your invites queuing in your Invitation history in your dashboard.

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