You have the facility to easily export your reviews collected with from your account. 


This feature is only available on Growing Business and above plans


  • Login to your Reviews Dashboard

  • Navigate to Analytics >> Export Reviews


  • From the options, then choose either Company Reviews or Product Reviews

  • Select the date range of the reviews you'd like to export using Date From and Date To

The date range can either be chosen from the calendar provided, or input manually. If inputting manually, you must enter it in the following format: year-mm-dd. 

  • Select Minimum and Maximum review ratings from 1 - 5 stars

You can set your ratings accordingly to display all your 1 star reviews for example, by making Minimum Rating 1 and Maximum Rating 1. 

  • Select Yes or No to Include Additional Ratings

Additional Ratings are any additional questions you have asked within your Collector Page using the options provided, such as star ratings, multiple choice, text questions, or yes or no questions.

The example below shows the Additional Rating question "Would you use (your business name) in the future?". Additional questions such as these are optional within the Collector Page, therefore not every reviewer has chosen to answer the question. 

  • Choose the Format of your exported reviews by selecting either CSV or JSON

CSV Export
When you export your reviews via CSV, they can be opened in any program, however, your file is best viewed through a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice Calc or Google Docs. 

If choosing CSV format, your exported reviews will include the column headings: 

  • Name

  • Rating

  • Review

  • Email

  • Date 

  • Branch

  • Order ID

Additional column headings, dependent on your Collector Page, include:

  • NPS

  • Titles of any Additional Ratings

JSON Export
When you export your reviews via JSON, they can be opened and saved using a text editor. JSON files are best viewed through Microsoft Notepad, Apple TextEdit, Mozilla Firefox and other similar programs. 

If choosing JSON format, your exported reviews will include the same column headings and information as a CSV file. 

  • Click Export

Once you have selected Export, your file will download in your selected format.

If you have any questions regarding importing or exporting your reviews, please send an email to for further assistance. 

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