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Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis

Gain real insight automatically pulled from customer reviews

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The platform has a lot of great technology under the hood making it easier for you to act on data collected in your reviews.  Our Sentiment Analysis tool automatically takes the guesswork out of analysing what your customers are saying by presenting snippets of popular phrases in a table format.


⭐️ This is available on Professional and above plans

Navigation 📍

  • Navigate to Analytics

  • Click Sentiment Analysis

We check your reviews for mentions of Price, Delivery, Refunds, Returns and Customer Service, but you can choose your own search criteria by using the search box on the Sentiment Analysis page.

How sentiment analysis works

Our algorithm checks through the wording in your reviews for keywords including price, delivery, service, and then checks against your overall review rating for that review, and other keywords such as great, fantastic, poor, terrible.

It's calculated by weighing each matching review's sentiment (positive or negative) as a percentage of each other. E.g 10 negative, 5 positive = 33% score.

The benefits to you are that you'll get real numerical data based on real feedback, allowing you to act if there are any areas of concern. For example, if you notice that customers are mentioning your delivery provider in a negative light, this gives you useful feedback.

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