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How to create a custom product feed without using an eCommerce platform integration

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This article will guide you through the process of setting up a Custom Product Catalogue Without An eCommerce Store.

If your business sells products but not via a traditional online eCommerce store, you can still collect reviews using a custom product catalogue. You'll still need to have your products listed on your website.

The process involves creating a spreadsheet containing your products which is imported into the system in order to send review invitations about those products.

Here's how to get it set up 👇


⭐️ Available on all plans


  • Log in to your account

  • Navigate to Collection >> Product Catalogue.

Instructions ⚙️

1️⃣ Create your Product Spreadsheet (.csv) in Google Docs

  • Log in to Google Docs ( and create a new spreadsheet. You can name this however you like. We've called ours Reviews Product Feed.

  • Create 4 columns as follows:

Product Name

Product SKU

Product Image URL

Product Page URL

  1. Product Name (How you want your product name to appear on

  2. Product ID / SKU (Your unique product identifier - each product should have a different one)

  3. Product Image URL (The location on the internet of the product image)

  4. Product Page URL (The location on the internet of the product page)

2️⃣ Create a shareable link in Google Docs

  • Click on the Share button in the top-right corner of your browser

  • In the popup, click Get link and change the sharing option to Anyone with the link 👇

  • Click on Copy link

  • Check that the link has been copied to your clipboard

3️⃣ Convert shareable link into export link

For to make use of this spreadsheet, it needs to access Google's API. A small change is required to the Google Shareable Link to proceed 👇

  • Open Notepad/Wordpad/Textedit or any other text editor on your computer

  • Paste the Google Shareable Link. It will look similar to the below:-

  • Locate the part of the link which says /edit?usp=sharing (it will be at the end of the link)

  • Replace /edit?usp=sharing with /export?format=csv

  • The end of your link should now say /export?format=csv

  • Click Setup Product Feed

  • Add your new export link url into the CSV box and press Add

  • Your Google Sheets URL now appears in the field above.  Click Configure.

  • Assign your spreadsheet columns to the appropriate values in the table by using the dropdown menus:

  • Once configured, click Download to download your export file into the system


How do I know if the link will work?

If you paste this new link in the browser, it should automatically download a .csv version of your file. If that's the case, then it is working. If not, you should check your work and try again.

Please refer to additional troubleshooting instructions present on the product feed setup page in your account located at if you run into any issues. You can also speak to us on Live Chat for assistance, or just pick up the phone and call.

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