This article goes over the Ins & Outs of our collectors page and goes over our features for you so you can find the perfect set-up for you business!


  • Log in to

  • Navigate to Collection

  • Click >> Collector Page

  • Select >> Company Reviews or Product Reviews tab


Your Collector Page settings allow you to set up:

Company Review Collector Page

Overall Star Rating

You can edit the wording of the Overall Star Rating question by clicking Edit

Customise your review comments question.


You can also adjust the colours and certain design/styling on the collector page,

Here is an article on customising your Collector page


This is only available on Growing Business & above

You can add NPS scoring to your review collector.  Turn it on in the option to the right of the screen.

When on, a banner will show that NPS is active.

Allow Anonymous Reviews

You can allow customers to leave reviews anonymously, meaning their name will not appear on your public Company Profile Page. Turn it on using the option to the right of the screen.

When on, a banner will show that anonymous reviews are enabled.

Custom Review Submission Redirect URL

There is also the option to add a Custom Review Submission Redirect URL

If this is added, the customer will be redirected to this URL instead of the default Submission page.

IMPORTANT: You would need to be on our Enterprise Plan to access this feature.


You are also able to disable the Instagram "follow us"

& change the Instagram Username that is embedded in 'Follow Us'

Add Review Photos & Videos

You can give your customers the option to add photos and videos to their reviews. Turn it on using the option to the right of the screen.

Product Review Collector Page

Voucher Codes

If you are collecting Product reviews then you will be able to add a Voucher code for your customers, click here to read more on the Voucher code setup

You will also be able to ask your customers for a Product Review Title and also Ask if they recommend the product.

Require Product Reviews & Product Review Comments

Requiring a Product Review is only available for your Combined Invitations and will only show in the Product Reviews Collector Tab

If selected with just a Company Invitation active, this setting for obvious reasons will not be applied. Turn it on by using the option to the right of the screen. 

Normally, when a Combined Invitation is sent, customers are required to leave a company review first and then at the end of the collector page, they have the choice of whether they'd like to leave a product review. They can select yes, and write their product review, but they can also select no, and successfully leave just their company review. 

However, when selecting "Require a Product Review" within your Collector Page customisation, the option to select yes or no is removed, and customers must also fill in a product review in order to successfully leave their review. 

You can also enable "Require product review comments" and disable "Require product reviews".

This means each product will have a "Do you want to review <product name>" yes/no toggle.

If you toggle any to yes then you can't submit the form without entering comments.

The Collector Page Settings now also include Grammarly which is a writing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


If I make text changes to my collector page do these automatically translate as the rest of the page would?

If you do edit the text for either the Overall Star Rating or Write a Review questions, these questions will only display in English when your customers click the link and are directed to your review collector. I you need to send your invitations in languages other than English, do not edit the pre-set wording. If you do not edit the text of these questions, they will automatically translate into the language your customers web browser is set to.

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