• Active account

  • Active Loyalty Lion account


  • Log in to

  • Navigate to Integrations

  • Select Loyalty Lion

Set up your Loyalty Lion rewarded campaign

In your Loyalty Lion dashboard you should now add the Custom Rule required by your customer to trigger reward points.  Click Custom on this screen.

Set up the names and identifiers for your rewards.  They must be of the following identifier types:

  • reviewsio_company_review_reward

  • reviewsio_company_photo_review_reward

  • reviewsio_product_review_reward

  • reviewsio_product_photo_review_reward

You should now add the Custom Rules required by your customer to trigger reward points. Company Review Company Review with photo Product Review Product Review with photo

You'll add these one at a time.  When you have finished one, repeat the process for the next 3 review rules.

Once completed, you'll see the actions available in your dashboard.

NOTE: Points are awarded for rewards organically submitted through the widgets. Please allow 24 hours for the points to show in the account of the reviewer.

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