The Social Proof feature allows you to create professional images for all the leading social media platforms as well as Google Display Ads. Social Proof is available in all client accounts.


  • Active account with at least 1 review


  • Sign in to your dashboard

  • Head to the 'Timeline' page where you manage all of your reviews.

  • Scroll through your collected reviews until you find a review that you would like to turn into publishable content for your social media pages. 

  • Click on the review and scroll down to ‘Social Proof Banners’. 


Creating Social Proof Content

You will have the 2 options above. The Social Proof feature provides a fully custom option for combining images with review content.

  • Social Landscape (1200x630px)

  • Social Post (1080x1080px)

  • Social Story (1080x1920px)

On your Right-hand side of the screen you can see the following options: 

  • Background Type: Pattern Image (use one of our preset patterns), Solid (select a solid colour as your background), Uploaded Image (upload your own image as a background).

  • Transparency: The transparency of the review card.

  • Font Family: Select the font you would like to use.

  • Font Size: Select the size of the text.

  • Review Length: Choose how long you would like the review to be.

  • Reviews Logo: Select whether you want the Logo Black or White. 

  • Show Company logo: Select whether you would like to display your company logoor Company Name. 

  • Hide Company Logo/Name: Select whether you would like to display your company name.

  • Review Container: Select the positioning and background colour.

I would also recommend linking your Instagram. By doing so you will be able to utilize our Instagram: Engage feature, for more information about this, see here.

Once you have edited the template to the way that you would like it to look, hit the Black 'Save Banner' button, then 'Save and Download' above the image you've created to download your new image (as a PNG file) to take wherever you would like on your social media pages. 

The 'Add to Widget' option is for saving the image to the Social Proof Widget from our Widget library.

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