Displays an overall star rating alongside the number of reviews in a compact badge.  It links to your company profile page on REVIEWS.io when clicked.


The Text Banner widget is available on all plans.


  • Login to REVIEWS.io

  • Publishing >>> Widget Library

  • Select filter Company Reviews

  • Click Text Badge Widget


There are a number of default sizes available.  Simply copy the code for the size most appropriate to your website.  Available choices include:-

  • 250px

  • 200px

  • 170px

  • 140px

Choose one of the default colour schemes by clicking on the appropriate option in the top right of the panel.  The code automatically updates.

You can customise the colour scheme yourself by changing the colour hex values in the following sections:

  • primaryClr

  • neutralClr

  • starsClr

  • textClr

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