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Testing Widgets on a Developer server
Testing Widgets on a Developer server

What to expect when testing widgets on developer servers or agency domains prior to installing to the live site

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Many companies test out widgets on developer servers or on an agency domain prior to installing to the live site, but get concerned about the Content Security Policy notice.

Why does this happen?

Reviews should only be published on the domain associated with the account, so due to restrictions in the Content Security Policy, when installing the widget on a different domain or local developer server you will receive a notice that looks something like below:

Will this stop the widget from showing?

The short answer is no. The Content Security Policy is [report-only] and has zero impact on the display of the widget and will just pop a notice in the Console with details of the policy breach, but the widget will work fine. It will only report the security exception not enforce it.

The widget is still not showing?

For widgets to display you need to have at least 1 company review to publish. If you have at least 1 review then this should work as intended. If it's still not showing please check the widget code was entered correctly and that you included the HTML, Javascript and stylesheets to the theme.

Check out our full widget library here for your installation:

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