• In Reviews.io, navigate to Reviews Setup >> Integration Library

  • Navigate to Squarespace.

Locate API Key

Step 1 -

Go To Squarespace Store

Login to your Squarespace Account, find your website, and click into it.

Step 2 -

Create an API Key

Click Settings > Advanced Settings > Squarespace API Keys > Create Key.

Step 3 -

Enter API Key Details

Give the API Key a name (reviews.io) and enable Orders, then click NEXT.

Step 4 -

Copy API Key to Reviews

Within the API Settings you will find your global Global API Key.

Note: whilst setup with the global API key is easier as it's a 4 step process, it does provide global access to your API. If you would like more control over the access for the API, you will need to configure an API User, which is explained in the Alternative Setup - API User Account section below.

Once this is configured you can then enter your API Key along with your Squarespace Store URL in the fields in the below screenshot, which can be found at the top of the Squarespace integration page.

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