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Merchant Metrics Explained
Merchant Metrics Explained

This article is a breif explanation on merchant metrics which appear on your public profile page.

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What are Merchant Metrics?

Merchant Metrics are created from a combination of automated data and customer review responses during the review collection process. The information within each category varies from type of delivery method to order accuracy, the time it takes to resolve customer service queries, and the time it takes for refunds to process.

Merchant Metrics are created from additional questions answered by customers when they are leaving reviews within your review collector, and are therefore dependent on customer data. The questions provided to customers aren't editable within your collector, but are instead automatically asked if customers present certain sentiments within their written review.

For example, if a customer writes within their review that they received their order quickly, they are given the option to answer a question stating precisely how long it took for their order to arrive. Customers will only be asked one question regarding one sentiment they have written - either Shipping & Delivery, Customer Service or Returns & Refunds - in the category with the fewest amount of data being chosen if they have written more than one sentiment.

How do I toggle Merchant Metrics on?

You can toggle Merchant Metrics on/off by navigating to Collector Page and then on the right side you'll see the toggle for this feature 👇

Where will my Merchant Metrics show?

Your Merchant Metrics will be visible to customers on your Company Profile Page as shown in the screenshot below 👇

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