• Log in to your Dashboard

  • Select 'Collection'

  • Navigate to 'Collector Page' and click 'Edit Collector Styles'


Upon Clicking on Edit Collector Styles a pop-up will emerge. This will show you a a Preview of what you Collector Page will look like on the Left and your Customisable options on the right. These changes that you make will be reflected live on the Preview on the left.

Adjusting the background colours allows you to to either have 1 entire colour as the background or have a mix of both. You can also have the Panel in the middle of the collector page set as the colour of your choice.

Using the Ratings Buttons both Selected & Hover & Not Selected you can adjust the rating buttons on your collector page to be match your New Background colour. You can also change this to help make it more distinctive to the customer to see which options they have selected.

Using the Input Fields, Typography and Submit Button sections you can make changes to the aspects of the collector page that you wish to match your brand.

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