Use review data to segment your audiences and send targeted campaigns in DotDigital.


  • Active account

  • DotDigital account


Login to your account and go into Integrations >> DotDigital

Once you are on the integration page, you will need to add your DotDigital API Endpoint, API Username, and API Password.

You can follow the steps here to create an API User for DotDigital.

Transactional data

The integration pushes "REVIEWSio-Company-Review" and "REVIEWSio-Product-Review" transactional data objects into your DotDigital account as reviews are submitted.

These objects contain the review rating, comments, date created, order reference, photos, and videos.

"REVIEWSio-Product-Review" data also includes the name and SKU of the product reviewed.

Once this Insight data is stored against your contacts, you can use it to write queries to segment your contacts against this data and create new address books. This will enable you to send targeted, personalised campaigns based upon your contacts’ review history.


A " UGC" folder will be created in your DotDigital Image Manager.

Images submitted in your reviews will be added here.

Social Proof

You are also able to send your Social Proof Images to DotDigital, to create a Social Proof image follow the guide here.

Once created, you can click 'Save Banner' which will show a dropdown and you can choose 'Send to DotDigital' the image will then be sent straight to DotDigital where they can be added to your emails

Flow Sequences

For more control over your data, integrate with DotDigital through our invitation flow feature.

Simply add an Integration step after sending an email and select "Send to DotDigital" and add your DotDigital API user details.

Please note: If you are already using our standalone DotDigital integration, you would need to disable this when integrating with DotDigital in a Flow sequence.

Example Flow-

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