Zendesk Integration

Increase customer satisfaction by managing and responding to your reviews within Zendesk.

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Key Features

🎟 Receive and monitor tickets for Company, Product and 3rd Party reviews within Zendesk.

πŸ’¬ Reply to Company and Product reviews publicly, privately or forward them to team members without leaving Zendesk.

πŸ“© Send Quick Review invitations to clients using customised invitation templates.

πŸ”” Use Zendesk notification settings in your REVIEWS.io account to control which tickets are created.


⭐️ Active REVIEWS.io account

βœ… Active Zendesk account

⚑️ Zendesk Bolt-on

Navigation πŸ“

Log into your REVIEWS.io account and go to Integrations >> Zendesk Integration

Instructions βš™οΈ

Configuring your account

To configure your Zendesk account, you will need to add the below details -

Once you have added all of these details, you can go ahead and click 'Install'

If you are struggling to find your API Token, then you can follow the steps below-

  • Log into your Zendesk Support account and navigate to the Admin settings page.

  • From the Admin panel navigate to Channels > API settings panel.

  • In the Zendesk API settings panel, set the Token Access toggle to Enabled. This will display a notification in the top right corner that says "Token Access enabled". Then click the icon to create a new token.

  • Enter an API Token description to describe what the token will be used for e.g. "Reviews App". Make a copy of the Zendesk API token and then click the Save.

  • After clicking Save, you can then check the API settings page to ensure that API Token access is set to Enabled and that the new Token is displayed in the Active API Tokens list.

You can then add this API Token to the Integration page in your REVIEWS.io account.

Once this is added to your REVIEWS.io account, the integration will show as active

You will also see your Zendesk credentials with the option to change or uninstall if needed.

Review Notification Settings

With the Zendesk integration, you are able to control which types of Review Notifications are sent to Zendesk, this includes the following -

  • Notifications for Company Reviews

  • Notifications for Product Reviews

  • Notifications for 3rd Party Reviews

  • Notifications for Questions

Managing replies within Zendesk

The REVIEWS.io Zendesk App will automatically collect the details and responses associated with a review.

You will then be able to reply to the reviewer publicly or privately and/or forward the review to additional email addresses.

You may also delete any existing public replies.

Installing the REVIEWS.io Zendesk App via Marketplace

  • You will then be prompted to confirm the Zendesk account you wish to install the app to. Select your store, and then click Install.

You may be prompted to log into your Zendesk account if you haven't already.

  • You will then need to enter your REVIEWS.io API key and URL key to complete the installation.

The REVIEWS.io app will now show under your Currently Installed apps.

Now that your Zendesk account is active, we can get started on using the app!

Ticket Creation

When you receive a new review or question, the REVIEWS.io Zendesk Integration will automatically create a ticket in your Zendesk account.

You can also click on the ticket to view more information about the item.


Inside of a ticket, the Zendesk App will fetch more information about the Review or Question, including replies/answers.

You can then publicly or privately respond to the customer, or forward their feedback to multiple other recipients.

Sending a Quick invite

Inside of a ticket, click into 'Quick Invite' within Zendesk


You will then need to fill in the Customers Name, Email Address, Order ID, Select the Template you wanted to send and then choose 'Send Invitation'

Note: This will not use any details from the review ticket you are currently in, the form will be blank so you can send it to any customer

Only templates that are active in your REVIEWS.io account will show in the 'Select Template' dropdown.

That's it! Your invitation will now be sent to the customer and you will have a confirmation of this being sent like below

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