Review Syndication

Syndicate reviews across multiple of your accounts.

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✅ Active account

⭐️ Enterprise Plan

Instructions ⚙️

Important: To get started with Syndication, please contact support via Live Chat, or email ( with the details of the two stores you're looking to syndicate.

The only widgets that support syndicated reviews are:

  • Product Review Widget

  • Rating Snippet

  • Carousel Widget

Note: The reviews will only be visible within the dashboard for the account the reviews were collected on

To achieve this you would need to update the code to enable syndication, this can be achieved with the following code:

Product Reviews Widget 🛍

new ReviewsWidget('#ReviewsWidget', {
Store: "STORE-ID",
widget: 'polaris',
options: {
types: 'product_review,questions',
enable_syndication: true,

Rating Snippet Widget ⭐️

store: "STORE-ID",
color: "#5a5a5a",
linebreak: false,
lang: en,
showEmptyStars: true,
enableSyndication: true

Carousel 🎠

reviews: { 
enable_syndication: true,
enable_customer_name: true,
enable_customer_location: true,
enable_verified_badge: true,

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