Review Syndication
Syndicate reviews across multiple of your accounts.
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  • Active account

  • Enterprise Plan


  • Log into your account

  • Go to Integrations

  • Select Syndication

Enter your Profile Page URL, select 'Add New' and then choose 'Save Changes'

You can find your Profile Page URL by going to Publishing >> Public Profile

Once you have added this, the reviews will then be available to publish on widgets. If you do have a multi-lingual store, the tags applied to the reviews are also syndicated alongside the review content so you can still display the reviews in the relevant language for your customers.

Note: The reviews will only be visible within the dashboard for the account the reviews were collected on

The only widgets that support syndicated reviews are:

  • Product Review Widget

  • Rating Snippet

  • Carousel Widget

To achieve this you would need to update the code to enable syndication, this can be achieved with the following code:

Product Reviews Widget

new ReviewsWidget('#ReviewsWidget', {
Store: "STORE-ID",
widget: 'polaris',
options: {
types: 'product_review,questions',
enable_syndication: true,

Rating Snippet Widget

store: "STORE-ID",
color: "#5a5a5a",
linebreak: false,
lang: en,
showEmptyStars: true,
enableSyndication: true


reviews: { 
enable_syndication: true,
enable_customer_name: true,
enable_customer_location: true,
enable_verified_badge: true,

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