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Requirements for Bing Seller Ratings
Requirements for Bing Seller Ratings
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Updated over a week ago is a Bing-licensed Review Partner, this means that the company reviews you collect from your customers on our platform do give you the eligibility to show stars in your Bing Paid Ads


  • This feature is available on all plans.

  • Collect at least 30 verified Company level reviews - Bing wants quality reviews that give valuable insight into your business performance.

  • Collected within a 12-month period, per country - the 30 reviews need to be collected for the country the ad campaign is targeted at, and the 12 month period is rolling.

  • Total reviews need an average score of at least 3.5 out of 5.

  • The Review will need to meet certain requirements set by Bing such as being a verified review with proof of purchase. The review must not contain profanity. The review also cannot contain any names of individuals or businesses.

  • Verified collection methods include queued invites using:
    - an e-commerce plugin
    - BCC Integration
    - API
    - Or a Dynamic Link from your own email server (Bolt On Required)


  • I have achieved the seller rating requirements however my Reviews are not showing on Bing? Do you know why?

    This can happen for the following reasons below:

    • You're performing multiple searches from your own IP for the same keywords - If you spam Google search over and over again looking for your ads or extensions, Google will stop showing them to you, so don't be over-zealous in checking if they exist.

    • Google is deciding when to show your Seller Ratings - Time of day may be a factor in Google's decision to show your seller ratings, so if they're not there, try again a bit later on. Vary your keywords also, because different keywords have different intent.

  • How Long will stars take to start appearing in Google Seller Ratings?

Stars can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to start appearing once you have passed all of the requirements. Bing will pull these from the feed and re-pull data in the above time frame. There is no way to manually trigger this.

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