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Our UGC feature is made up of two sections, Gallery and Publish.

UGC Publish allows you to display UGC from Instagram & Images from your product reviews.


βœ… Active account

⚑️ UGC Bolt-on

Navigation πŸ“

  • Log into

  • Navigate to UGC >> Publish

Instructions βš™οΈ

The Headings on the left of the widget will go over each section of the widget so you can make changes until you have the best look & feel for your site.

Under the drop-down menu, you are able to pick between four options to decide how the UGC will be displayed.

In 'General Settings', you will have the following options to customize:

  • Widget Language - This will change the language the widget is displayed in

  • Widget Content - Here you can set the minimum amount of images the widget will display (Note, you will need to have at least 14 images toggled as 'ON' for the Publish widget to be available).

  • Mobile Settings - These sliders will change how the widget will display on mobile.

    In the 'Layout' tab, you are able to make changes to the following sections of the widget πŸ‘‡

  • Cards - You can adjust the number of columns, the space between cards, how many will show & the overall look of each card

  • Overlay Content - These settings will change how the card is displayed when hovered over.

In 'Popup' you are able to edit the design of the popup once a card has been clicked πŸ‘‡

  • Dialog - Here you can edit the background, behind the popup & add a border to the card.

  • Reviews - This allows you to edit how the reviews are displayed, by changing star size & colour, if the verified badge & attributes are shown. As well as being able to show the customer's location or if the "was this review helpful?" button is displayed.

  • Shoppable Gallery - This allows you to edit how Products appear if you have set this up in the UGC Gallery

  • Misc Options - You can toggle the share buttons on and off here

In the 'Buttons' section you are able to take control of how you buttons on the widget are designed:

In 'Typography' you can take control of the text on the widget by making changes to the selected Font, Font Size and even Font Colour:

Once making all of your desired changes you will then see the button at the bottom of the customiser 'Get Installation Code'

You will then have the option to either copy this code straight away or you use the 'Email Developer' button to email this code to whoever would be managing this from your side!

Examples of the UGC Publish widget πŸ‘€

You will also notice there is a 'Embed in Klaviyo Email' button on the editor as well:

This exciting feature further builds off of our Klaviyo integration and will allow you embed a UGC Gallery within your emails in Klaviyo!

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