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Connect REVIEWS.io to your Klaviyo account

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Connect your REVIEWS.io account to Klaviyo and create segmented audiences based on your review data.

Video Tutorial πŸŽ₯

Note: Full access to events & profiles is required for the integration to work when connecting!


βœ… An active Klaviyo account.

⭐️ An active REVIEWS.io account.

Navigation πŸ“

  • Sign into your REVIEWS.io dashboard.

  • Click Integrations >> Klaviyo.

Instructions βš™οΈ

1. Add Your Klaviyo API Keys

Create your Klaviyo API Keys here (https://www.klaviyo.com/account#api-keys-tab) and add them to the API form for Klaviyo integrations within your REVIEWS.io account. Below will walk you through this process:

Note: If you are using multiple Klaviyo accounts you must include ORDER ID Prefix field Eg: US Account may have order ids like #US123141 and the AU, #AU124181

Review Tracking Events

When a review is submitted or an Influencer is found after the integration has been enabled, a "Custom Event" will be pushed into the customer's profile in Klaviyo.

The following events will be pushed to Klaviyo customer's profile:

  • ReviewsIOReview - All Company Reviews

  • ReviewsIONegativeReview - Company Review (1-3 Stars)

  • ReviewsIOPositiveReview - Company Review (4/5 Stars)

  • ReviewsIOProductReview - All Product Reviews

  • ReviewsIONegativeProductReview - Product Review (1-3 Stars)

  • ReviewsIOPositiveProductReview - Product Review (4/5 Stars)

  • ReviewsIOInfluencer - Any identifiable Instagram profiles is using our INFLUENCE component.

  • ReviewsIOPhoto - Any photo reviewers.

  • ReviewsIOVideo - Any video reviewers.

2. Creating Lists & Segments in Klaviyo

In Klaviyo click "Lists & Segments" in the left navigation, and then the blue "Create New" button. Next click the "Segment" button πŸ‘‡

Give your Segment a name and then under "Definition" select "What someone has done (or not done)". In this example, the user wants to identify those who have left positive product reviews.

Select Tracking Event where You can then choose a REVIEWS.io tracking event πŸ‘‡

Segmenting via SKU

You can further filter down using the event properties. For example to filter to users who've reviewed a specific product select "ReviewsIOProductReview" as the event, then click the "Add Filter" button, select "product_sku" in the "where" box and then type the sku into the "equals" box:

Segmenting via Attributes

We also do offer the ability to create Segments via Attribute which you have collected from customers alongside reviews. If you had an Attribute already set up and collected in REVIEWS.io:

This information would then be able to be utilised within these segments in Klaviyo under the Properties about someone:

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