If you offer your business operates worldwide, it is important to ensure that the customer is taken to the correct Collector Page, based on their language. This can be controlled within the email templates.


  • Active REVIEWS.io account

Email Template Settings

On the right-hand side of the email template, there is a drop-down menu to define the "Form Language"

Changing this will translate any element of the template that you cannot directly edit the text of, however, it will not translate any content that you have written yourself. Such as, the "write a review" button or the main body of the email. You would be required to add those translations yourself.

Defining the language within the email template will also make sure that the Collector Page is displayed in the same language. Note: If you want the users browsers settings to determine this you can use the "Auto" option.


Setting the language in the email template doesn't automatically send the invites to the correct countries. You will need to set this up within the Country Settings or the Flow.

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