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Multilingual Set-up: Dynamic Link
Multilingual Set-up: Dynamic Link

How to Setup Dynamic Link for Multilingual Websites

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If you offer your business operates in multiple languages, it is important to ensure that the customer is directed to the correct Collector Page, based on their language. When sending your review invitation emails from your email marketing platform, such as Klaviyo or Omnisend, using Dynamic Link, it’s required to define the intended language within the URL.


✅ Active account

⚡️ Dynamic Link Bolt-On activated

Note: if you are sending your invitation emails from the platform, please refer to this Support article.

Instructions ⚙️

To add the Dynamic Link Bolt-on to the account, please go into Account Settings >> Subscription.

Dynamic Link Configuration

In addition to the standard parameters for the Dynamic Link, such as name, Email Address, Order ID and SKU-IDs, it is possible to define the appropriate language of the Collector Page which the user should be directed to.

For the initial setup of the Dynamic Link, refer to this support article.

In order to ensure that your customer is brought to the appropriate language Collector Page, simply add a new “&l=” parameter to the Dynamic Link, with the relevant language.

For example, French users should have “&l=fr” within the Dynamic Link URL.

Supported languages and their appropriate values can be found in your Dashboard here:

Note: provide support for both formal and informal German. If you wish to communicate with your clients in informal German, please use the option “&l=de-in” 👇


If you do not specify a language value in your Dynamic Link URL, the user will be redirected to the corresponding language to which their browser is set to.

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