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Seamlessly syndicate customer ratings, reviews and visual UGC to the Bazaarvoice Network.

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While brands may generate and display UGC on their own websites, retail channels multiply their value by reaching exponentially more shoppers. Syndication helps brands ensure their content is available wherever consumers shop and help retailers deliver an exceptional shopping experience by improving content coverage across products.

In the Bazaarvoice Network, retail sites that accept syndication from brands see a median of 83% more reviews per product than those without syndication. Half of Bazaarvoice retailers source at least 65% of their reviews directly from brands.


  • Enterprise account

  • Bazaarvoice Distribute Only License (apply here)


  • Log into your account

  • Head to Integrations

  • Select Bazaarvoice


If you are interested in signing up for the Bazaarvoice syndication network, please submit your interest here.

Once you have submitted your interest, a team member from Bazaarvoice will reach out and provide you with the details of their Distribution Only contract, and further provide you with a brand account.

Once you have an account with Bazaarvoice by completing the above steps, sign in to your dashboard and head to Integrations >> Bazaarvoice.

1. The integration page presents you with a product mapping form. This is to map your product catalogue with Bazaarvoice’s. You will need to provide the SKUs of the products you wish to syndicate alongside the product ID that the client is using in the Bazaarvoice catalogue.

2. You then need to download the consent form and upload it on the file upload section. The uploaded form will be emailed to us and our Bazaarvoice integration contact.

What's Next?

Bazaarvoice certifies that all required product catalogue and review data is being received, and that syndication is enabled. This will be visible within your Bazaarvoice workbench.

If any assistance is required, feel free to reach out to our live chat in the bottom right hand of the dashboard.

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