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Follow this guide to display your review widgets with Rebuy! πŸ›’


⭐️ Any Plan

βœ… Active Rebuy account


Within your Rebuy dashboard, navigate to the Integration Tab

From here, you can scroll, or search, for the Integration & toggle the Status to turn this on

Once the integration is on, you can start to add the stars to your Rebuy product recommendations. To do this, navigate to the Widgets tab

Here you can create and select which widget you want to add the review stars to. You can either edit a pre-existing one or create a new widget.

Once you are in the widget editor, you will need to scroll down to the Integrations tab, and Enable Reviews, and press save.

This will now include the rating stars on your Rebuy widget.


If you want to add any customisations to the stars, you will need to navigate to Dashboard >> Manage Rebuy Theme

You can then scroll down to the Product Reviews colour options and change these to the colours that match your existing branding.

Any product with reviews will now have the star rating displayed on your Rebuy widgets.

The Rebuy integration uses Shopify Metafileds to sync the review counts, so if you notice any review counts not matching, please contact Live Chat support in the bottom right of the dashboard.

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