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AI Assistant & Reports

An overview of the AI assist & insight feature

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πŸ€– This feature will allow you to query our AI assistant about your reviews and help interpret review data. The AI assistant will provide suggestions on how to improve your business/service/products and discover your advantages over competitors 🦾


⭐️ Available on Grow plan and above

AI Assistant:

You can access the AI Assistant by clicking the 'AI' button located in the search field. A panel will appear, presenting a set of useful questions that you can ask the AI Assistant:

You can also ask your own questions, as demonstrated in the video below, where we ask, 'Are customers satisfied with delivery?':

AI Insight Reports:

Our "AI Insights Report" feature is designed to assist in interpreting review data. Positioned above the timeline, this feature allows you to analyze your timeline results. You can set any filters within the timeline to refine results and run the AI analysis.

Generated reports highlight both the positive and negative aspects of your business, citing specific reviews for reference. They also offer suggestions for improving business operations, services, or products.

You can save the generated Insights Reports as PDF files on their devices by clicking the download button here:

The reports page allows you to share insights with your colleagues. You just need to enter the recipient's email address, and the report will be emailed to them. This would be achieved by clicking the share button in the screenshot above.

You are able to view all of your generated reports by clicking 'AI Review Insights' in the side navigation:

Note: πŸ—£ AI Review Insights reports are created in the accounts language set in your Account Settings. This also means that the AI Assistant detects the language of the question and responds in the same language!

Competitor Analysis:

To initially set up your competitors, you'll need to navigate Analytics > Competitor Analysis > Setup Competitors πŸ‘‡

The system allows you to include competitors in the Insights Reports. It contrasts the sentiments related to various facets of the businesses against those of your competitors, provides recommendations, and suggests the competitive advantages that you possess in comparison to your rivals.

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