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Manually installing Shopify Widget - Snippets
Manually installing Shopify Widget - Snippets

Installing our widgets on themes which don't allow for sections

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Certain themes do not allow you to add sections to your site, meaning you have to add everything directly into the code. The following article will explain how you can add these to your site.


⭐️ Available on all plans

✅ Active Shopify account

Instructions ⚙️

The exact steps and files that you have to use may vary from theme to theme, so you may need to alter which files you're adding the code into, but this guide should give you a general overview.

Step One - Getting the widget code

Within the dashboard, navigate to Publishing >> Widget Library and find which widget you'd like to install. In this example we will be installing the product review widget.

Make any changes you'd like, and press save/get installation code, and copy this.

Step Two - Adding Widget Code

Within Shopify click the three dots in the theme customiser and press "Edit Code"

Within here, you will need to create a new snippet, call this something that is easy to identify, and clearly labels what this is. Doing this will make it easier to find if you need to make any edits in the future, & for adding it to your site.

Within the newly created snippet, paste in the code you created earlier

Step Three - Rendering onto the page

Within Shopify, you will need to find the file which includes the code for the relevant page. This will vary depending on your theme, and where you want the widget to display.

In this case, it is the "main-product.liquid". Find whereabouts you want the widget to display on the page and render in the snippet that was created in the previous step with the following code -

{% render 'SNIPPET-NAME' %}

Press save and the widget will start appearing on the page.

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