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Multilingual Set-up: Email Templates
Multilingual Set-up: Email Templates

How to Setup Email Templates for Multilingual Websites

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If you offer your business operates in multiple languages, it is important to ensure that the customer is redirected to the correct Collector Page, based on their language. When sending your review invitation emails to customers via the platform, this can be controlled within your Email Invitation Template settings


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📨 Sending review invitation emails via

Note: if you are sending your invitation emails from your email marketing platform, such as Klaviyo or Omnisend and using Dynamic Link, please refer to this Support article.

Email Template Settings ⚙️

On the right-hand side of the email template, there is a drop-down menu to define the "Form Language" 👇

Changing this setting will ensure that customers are redirected to the appropriate Collector Page to write a review. In almost all cases, you will want this to match the language of the email text which you have written.

If you choose the option “Auto”, the user will be redirected to the Collector Page language which their browser language is set to. This means that a German customer will be redirected to the English version of the Collector Page, if their browser language is set to English (for example).

This “Form Language” drop-down option will also translate the text related to the In-Email Review Form, but does not translate any user-defined texts, such as the "Write a Review" button or the main body of the email. You are in full control of these texts.


It is important to be aware that setting the language in the email template doesn't automatically send these invitations to customers who have transacted on your website in that language, or country.

In order to achieve this, you will need to set this up within the Country Settings or the Flow. For multilingual stores, this requires that you create an Email template for each language that you are wanting to send to customers.

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