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Zapier Integration

Send Review Data to Zapier through your Invitation Flow

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Send your Review data to Zapier using your Zapier Webhook to trigger certain events for customers.


⭐️ An active account

βœ… Active Zapier account

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Navigation πŸ“

To integrate with Zapier, you will need to create a "Webhook by Zapier" in Zapier.

This will give you a URL.

You can then add your Zapier Webhook URL to through our invitation flow feature.

To access this, simply login to and go to Invitations>> Flow

To add your Zapier Webhook URL, you will need to create a Flow sequence.

Note: You will need to add at least a 'Time Delay' and 'Send Invitation Email' before you are able to add the Zapier webhook. You can add Zapier from the 'Integrations' option.

Example below πŸ‘‡

Sending Test Data to Zapier

To test the data sent to Zapier you will need to add your Zapier Webhook and select 'click here to send test data to Zapier'

A pop-up will then show, which shows the Webhook URL you have added and the data that will be sent to Zapier.

From here, you can use the review test buttons which will send example data to Zapier.

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