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Shopware Integration

Integrate with your Shopware 6 account to sync your products, queue invites and add widgets to your site

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Our Shopware integration is currently compatible with Shopware 6 Cloud and

Shopware 6 On-Premise (v6.4.6.0 or higher).

If you are using previous version's of Shopware then please check out our BCC integration (Available on ALL plans) or API integration (Available on our Plus Plan)


⭐️ Active account

βœ… Shopware 6 account

Navigation πŸ“

Login to your account and head to Integrations >> Shopware 6

Instructions βš™οΈ

Step 1.

Go to your Shopware 6 Admin Panel and hover over 'Extensions', and then select 'Store'.

Search for '', select our app and click 'Add Extension'.

Step 2.

Confirm the required Terms and Conditions and Permissions, and click 'Add Extension'. Once added, click the 'Open Extension' button.

Unable to find the 'Open Extension' button?

You can also access this menu via the Marketing tab.

Step 3.

After clicking the 'Open Extension' button, you'll need to provide your API Key in the menu that opens. Your API key for your account is shown in the Shopware 6 integration page

It is important not to share your API key with anyone, except ourselves and our trusted partners.

Once connected, your Shopware store will be integrated with your account, and your Invites and Products will begin to sync automatically.

IMPORTANT: Once connected, your invitations will add to the queue once they are marked as shipped in Shopware. You will also have to make sure our Integration has Administrator permissions within Shopware

Step 4.

You can now configure your site to show widgets.

From the 'Extensions -> My Extensions' page, select our app and select 'Configuration'.

From here, you can enable our Product Reviews Widget, Rating Snippet, and other widgets, and style them to fit your brand.

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