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Video Reviews & Creating Social Proof Video's
Video Reviews & Creating Social Proof Video's

How to create social proof video's and edit these within the account.

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Our video review feature allows you to ask your customers if they would like to upload a video alongside their review.

To start collecting these videos, you will need to check that these are enabled within the account.

Navigation 📍

  • Navigate to Collection

  • Select Collector Page

    Instructions ⚙️

    On the right hand side toggle on the Photo and Video review option

If these are switched to OFF, be sure to turn those ON for both the Company Reviews Collector Page and also Product Reviews Collector Page.

Once you have turned those on, you can then SAVE your changes.

Note: If you are actively inviting your customers to review from the platform, your customers will have the option to upload a video on the Collector Page.

Once the video has been left with the review you will see this within your account timeline and this will show as UNPUBLISHED.

To have this showing on your Public Profile Page you would need to change this to PUBLISHED.

This update can then take up to an hour to update on your Public Profile Page.

You can also edit the video reviews using our Social Proof Video tool.

To use this you will need to choose the ‘Create Social Proof Video’ which is located on the video itself.

Note: Video reviews can only be edited if they are published. If the video is currently set to unpublished, you will need to switch this in order to be able to create the Social Proof Video.

The options within the ‘Customise Social Proof Video’ page will include-

Show company rating :

Allows you to choose to have your overall company rating showing within the video. This will show once the customer's video clip has ended.

Watermark Position :

This allows you to choose whether you would like the watermark to show within the Left Bottom corner or the Right Bottom corner.

Trim Video Length :

This option will allow you to choose the length of the video so you can make this as short or long as you would like!

Once you have customized your video, you will see the preview is displayed.

Above this, you will have the option to download.

By clicking download, the video will be added to your device and you can upload this to your chosen Social Media sites.

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