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Our 'All-Star Guide' To Publishing Your Reviews On-site
Our 'All-Star Guide' To Publishing Your Reviews On-site

A comprehensive guide to what the experts from recommending when displaying your widgets onsite.

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We have an extensive widget library available, Our team has put together a feature showcase of the best publishing practices for your homepage, collection pages, and your product pages!


⭐️ Our Widgets mentioned below are available on all plans

⭐️ Some of our more unique widgets are only available on Grow plan and above. You can find a full list of availability here.


  • Log into your dashboard

  • Click on Publishing >> Widget Library.

Your Homepage - 'Carousel Widget'

One of the most important places where your customers are going to see your reviews, is your Homepage. Ideally, you would want all of your reviews, whether they be company, product, and/or 3rd party to appear here. Our 'Carousel' Widget range displays all of your reviews and is able to be customized to stay on-brand with the rest of the site.

Your Product Pages - 'Product Reviews Widget'

The Product Reviews widget is our latest product review publishing tool for your product pages. If you were looking to display all of your reviews for a particular product, with color customization, filters and more, then we recommend this.

Note: You are able to display all types of reviews in this widget, including Company and Third Party.

For a full list of customization options see here. Further, this widget also includes rich snippet data for your organic stars in search engine page results.

Your Category Pages & Product Pages - Product Rating Snippet

The product rating snippet is an essential piece of review publishing. Customers are able to see the overall rating and total number of reviews when skimming through your product catalogue or looking at your product pages.

On Product Pages:

Your Product Pages - Review Nuggets

Nuggets allow you to show off your positive reviews in quick and simple options, like you can see here 👇

Simply highlight your client's most positive reviews and pick and choose what catches your future customers' eyes 👀

All Pages - 'Floating Widget'

One of our most dynamic options for your website would be our Floating widget. We offer both an option for a side version and a bottom version.

These can be added to all of the pages of your website and with an automatically updating widget editor, they are fully customizable at all times.

Here are some great examples of our clients using them:

Floating widget - Side:

Floating Widget - Bottom:

All Pages - UGC (User Generated Content) Widget

One of the newest features of our solution would be our UGC widget. The UGC widget’s purpose is to showcase all of the user-generated content collected by your business. This includes both photos left via review invitations of happy customers and Instagram posts:

This feature allows full customization with an inbuilt widget customizer with multiple designs as well as a gallery where you can pick and choose the photos that you use on the widget itself.

Note: This feature does come at an additional cost to your plan. Feel free to jump into our LiveChat to talk to a specialist and ask.

All Pages - 'Rating Bar Widget'

Our Rating Bar Widget allows you to display an overall star rating of both a specific type of review or all of your reviews. This can be added to either the top or bottom of your website to allow an overall score of your reviews to display to your clients while going through your store.

The widget can display in a variety of ways as you can see below:


  • I have reviews collected on third-party platforms e.g. Google Local. Can these be published on site?

Yes we can! Both our Carousel Widgets and Product Reviews Widgets offer 3rd Party review support and you are able to display these if we had an integration with the site in question.

  • Do Your widgets affect the load speeds of our site?

Our widgets are designed to affect the loading time of sites as little as possible. More details on this can be found here.

  • How customisable are your widgets?

Our Product Reviews Widget, Carousel Widget family, Review Nuggets and Floating Widgets offer more customisation than ever before.

Just a few of our customisations include colours, fonts, sizes and much more. The full guides can be found below:

  • Do you offer professional installations? Or do the widgets need to be installed on my end?

We do offer installations on your sites! Jump on live chat by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right of the screen to get in touch with our team about arranging this.

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