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Verified reviews and moderation FAQs
Verified reviews and moderation FAQs

Policies and procedures regarding customer review content

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This list of FAQs relate to trustworthiness, status and moderation of reviews collected on the platform.

Learn how is working to strengthen trust and transparency in online reviews 💪 is recognised by millions of consumers worldwide as the source of genuine reviews you can trust. We are independent, impartial and honest.

We understand that online reviews, while essential to businesses and useful to consumers, are only valued if they can be trusted, and so trust is at the core of everything we do.

Businesses can use our platform to request reviews from their genuine customers, and consumers can easily access and read these reviews via public-facing review pages.

We work closely with Google, and are licensed as a Google Review Partner. This means that we must adhere to strict standards for review collection and our clients (the businesses that shoppers make purchases from) also must adhere to these standards.

How are reviews collected? ⭐️

Businesses use to request reviews from customers who have recently transacted with them. If you purchase a product or service through a client, then you will soon afterwards receive an invitation to write a review.

What is a “Verified Buyer”? ✅

Genuine customers are invited to write a review via email or SMS invitation by a business after a transaction, and any review written as a result of this invitation will appear on our website showing the “Verified Buyer” banner.

Do businesses choose which reviews to display on their profile page? Can they just remove all their negative reviews and only show the good ones?

Absolutely not. The basis for the platform is transparency, trust and honesty, and our policy with regards to review removal is, and always has been, that no genuine, verified and factually-correct review will ever be deleted from a company page, regardless of its star rating.

To protect consumers and businesses, we of course have review content and moderation policies in place, which prevent spam, defamatory or factually incorrect reviews from being displayed. However, the existence of such policies in no way affect the impartiality of our platform.

As long as a review follows the following general guidelines then it will always remain visible on

  • You are a verified customer of a business with proof of purchase

  • Your review does not contain profanity or other objectionable content

  • Your review does not contain the names of individuals of a particular business

  • Your review is factually correct

If you have any concerns about the validity of any review visible on then email our moderation team at and we will conduct a full and impartial investigation.

What about fake reviews?

Our policy is and always has been that we will never tolerate any business abusing our system through collection or publishing of fake reviews. We have robust systems in place to identify and combat fake reviews.

Sadly, from time to time we do identify businesses that try to abuse our system. Our policy is always to terminate our business arrangement with those companies and remove any fraudulent reviews.

If you have any concerns about the validity of any review visible on then email our moderation team at and we will conduct a full and impartial investigation.

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