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Magento Alternative BCC Method
Magento Alternative BCC Method

Integrate and Magento using the BCC Method

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BCC is an alternative method that can be used to queue invitation emails when orders come in to your Magento store.  This installation method will not be required in 99% of cases.

Important: The instructions below are only necessary for stores that DON’T mark their orders as shipped in Magento.


✅ Available on all Plans

Navigation 📍

  • Log into your Dashboard

  • Navigate to Integrations

  • Select BCC Dispatch Emails

Instructions ⚙️

Copy your BCC address

  • In, navigate to Integrations  >> BCC

  • Copy your BCC email address from that page

Add your BCC address to Magento

  • In Magento, navigate to System >> Configuration >> Sales Emails

  • Paste your BCC email address into the Send Order Email Copy To field

From this point our system will receive an email every time an order comes in. When this is set up please email with your account name, informing us that you have started BCC’ing us. It is important that you do this so we can check everything is working as it should.

Important: Ensure that you contact us after you have set up your BCC email so we can check everything is working for you. Email or call our support number outlined in the footer of this site

To prevent issues we highly recommend editing the order confirmation template and add the following code to your order confirmation email:

<!–email:{{var order.getCustomerEmail()}}–>
<!–name:{{htmlescape var=$order.getCustomerName()}}–>
<!–order_id:{{var order.increment_id}}–>

Set BCC email delay

  • In, navigate to Invitations >>> Email Templates

  • Change Send Email After to the required number, in days

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