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Filter & Categorise Reviews

Our Automatic Review Tagging feature will add Review Tags to your reviews for you. You can automatically tag your reviews based on:

  • Invitation Template Used

  • Collection method used

  • "Replied" when you reply to them

  • User language

1. Invitation Template.

Your reviews will automatically be tagged with the name of the Invitation Template used to ask the customer to write a review. This means if you have Invitation Templates in different languages you can use this feature to tag your reviews with the language they’re written in.

2. Collection Method.

Your reviews will automatically be tagged with the collection method used: “BCC”, “Booster” or “API”.

3. Replied.

Your reviews will automatically be tagged “replied” if you have written a reply to the customer and “not-replied” if you haven’t.

4. User language.

Reviews can be tagged with the language that the customer left the review on.

Managing locations (Branches) is another great way of filter reviews - Read More Eg: Store locations, Regions

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