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Manage Locations (Branches)

You may collect reviews for individual branches of your store

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โญ๏ธ Available on Grow and Plus plans!

Navigation ๐Ÿ“

  • Log into your Dashboard

  • On the bottom left of your Dashboard locate Account

  • Click on Manage Branches

Instructions โš™๏ธ

It is highly advisable to set up Branches before sending out any review invitations, as this way all your reviews will have a respective branch associated with them upon review collection. If you have sent out invitations before setting up Branches, you will have to retroactively add the correct branch to each individual review sent out before implementation

Note: You can only have one branch type active at any time. Therefore, if you wish to add further distinction and review groupings you will need to create tags. For more information about tagging your reviews, please read this support article.

What Are Locations / Branches?

Branches can be created for almost anything you want to order your reviews by as well as create reports on, but these are some typical branch types:

Location-Based Branches

  • Store street addresses

  • Cities

  • Counties

  • Countries

Team Branches

  • Departments

  • Individual team members

Other Branches

  • Services you provide

  • Sales channels

Implementing Automatic Branches

There are 3 automated methods for setting up your Branches:

  • Review Booster

  • API

  • BCC

When setting up Branches via Review Booster, API or BCC, your branch names will be automatically created and added when individuals leave reviews.

Read the following support article about Automated methods

Manually Managing Branches

There are also 2 manual methods for creating and managing your Branches:

  • Manage Branches

  • Timeline

When manually creating Branches, these branch names will not automatically be added to incoming reviews. Manual creation and management is for the retroactive addition of branch names to reviews, as well as visual housekeeping.

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