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Block review invitations to customers by unsubscribing them

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Your may avoid sending review invitations to certain email addresses by adding them to the blacklist. This can also be used for a wholesale customer scenario where you do not want to send your wholesale customers a review request.


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Add a single email address of multiple email addresses separated by commas into the box, and click Add Emails.

If you have already Below is a list of emails that you have already added to you unsubscribe list.  If you want to remove an email from the list (and be able to continue sending emails to that customer), click Delete next to the email address in the list.

Bulk Uploading Unsubscribe Lists

If you have a large amount of customer email addresses you want to add to this list, please reach out via our live chat in the bottom right of your dashboard, and our team will be able to assist with this.

If you'd like to block a specific address please contact our live chat to arrange for you.

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