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Our widget library gives you a wide range of website options

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Once you have collected reviews, you need to show them off to increase the trustworthiness of your brand, your website, and your products.  Our widget library is wide-ranging and with API access, you can even make your own.

Navigation 📍

  • Head to Publishing >> Widget Library

From this page you can access the code required for your site for any of our widgets.

Instructions ⚙️

Filtering Widgets

On the top of your screen you will see various filtering options in the available panels. Simply check or uncheck the boxes for the widgets you wish to see.

Once you have chosen a widget, click on it to access the widget code which must be installed on your website in the appropriate place.  Where this is added is dependent entirely on your individual site and needs

1️⃣ Choose to display Company or Product Reviews

2️⃣ Filter by available widget features

3️⃣ Filter by layout

Supporting Articles

Need help installing widgets on your platform, review our Integration help articles

Recommended Widgets
See this article here for our recommendations for installing your widgets onsite. If you require further support, please do not hesitate to contact our team with the live chat in the bottom right of your dashboard.

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