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How to link your product feed to to collect product reviews.

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To set up product reviews correctly you'll need to integrate your product catalogue with your account through one of our integration methods.


⭐️ This is available on ALL plans


  • Log into your dash

  • Head to Collection >> Product Catalogue πŸ›


You can connect your product feed using one of the below methods:

  • Integrate with custom eCommerce platform feed URL, or

  • Integrate manually via CSV or manual upload.

1️⃣ Integrate with custom eCommerce platform feed URL

Provided you are using an E-Commerce platform we integrate with, you may integrate your store via the integrations page here.

Once you have done so, it can take up to 24 hours to sync to

2️⃣ Integrate manually via CSV or manual upload

To add a product feed via CSV, click Setup Product Feed.

Product Feeds can be added to populate your product catalogue. Product Feeds are re-downloaded every 24 hours to keep your product catalogue up to date.

Your Product Feed should be a CSV or XML file containing at least the following fields:

Product ID / SKU

Product Name

Product Image URL

Product Page URL

This can be the same feed you upload to Google Shopping.

It is recommended you also include GTIN and MPN columns to get your product reviews in Google Shopping.

You may use product reviews to collect reviews for other entities such as courses or apartments, to do this you will need to create a product feed in the same way.

To add your feed URL, simply indicate it in the below box and click Add New Feed

For an in-depth guide to do so, please see here.

Add Products manually

Back on the Product Catalogue screen, click Add Product πŸ‘‡

Fill in the product details in the popup.

Your product will then appear in your product feed πŸŽ‰

Once you have used one of the above methods to add your product catalogue, the product feed will now populate with your products from most reviews to least πŸ‘‡

By selecting the [View Reviews] button you will be directed to your timeline where you will be able to view all the reviews collected under specific products.

If you select the 3 dots next to your product under the [Action] column you will see more amazing settings to help you through your review journey first is you the:

[Move Reviews to Another Product]

This feature will allow you to move all the reviews assigned under a specific product SKU to a new SKU.

[Don’t Collect Reviews of this Product]

This feature will allow you to temporarily stop review collection for specific products and restart collection anytime you wish.

[Edit Product]

This feature allows you to manually edit any product's Name, SKU, Product URL, Image URL, GTIN, and MPN. However please note if you are looking to update this information and have one of our common ecom integrations please ensure to update these identifiers in your store product catalogue as well.

And finally, at the bottom of the page, you have:

[Export Catalogue]

This button will download your product catalogue data as a .CSV, including an overall rating & total number of reviews.

[Refresh Review Statistics]

This button will allow you to refresh your review stats for your product catalogue only.


Should I add multiple feeds to (E.g Google Shopping + Shopify).

We do not recommend doing so. Only one feed is necessary, and provided is has the requirements for Google Shopping, your stars will populate.

Can I delete products from within the product catalogue page?

No, we suggest removing the product from the feed source for it to be removed from your catalogue, however, you can use the MENU >> DO NOT COLLECT REVIEWS FOR THIS PRODUCT to not collect reviews for a particular product.

Do all of my SKUs need to be unique?

Absolutely, this is vital for when you publish your reviews back onsite so that the reviews display on the appropriate products.

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