To set up product reviews correctly you'll need to integrate your product catalogue with your account.

Log into dash
Reviews Setup >> Product Review Setup

You may do this in a number or ways:

  • Integrate with Google Shopping product feed

  • Integrate with custom eCommerce platform feed URL

  • Integrate manually

Product Catalogue

This page lists all the products currently imported into the system.

Add product feed

To add a product feed, click Add Product Feed.

To link your Google Shopping Account, click Link Google Shopping.  For further instructions, visit the Integration - Google Shopping Feed help article.

Add Product Feed

Product Feeds can be added to populate your product catalogue. Product Feeds are re-downloaded every 24 hours to keep your product catalog up to date.

Your Product Feed should be a CSV or XML file containing at least the following fields: Product ID / SKU, Product Name, Product Image URL, Product Page URL. This can be the same feed you upload to Google Shopping.

It is recommended you also include GTIN and MPN columns to get your product reviews in Google Shopping.

You may use product reviews to collect reviews for other entities such as courses or apartments, to do this you will need to create a product feed in the same way.

To add your feed URL, simple indicate it in the below box and click Add URL

Add products manually

Back on the Product Catalogue screen, click Add Product

Fill in the product details in the popup.

Your product will then appear in the list on this page.

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