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Display reviews in your email signature dynamically.

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⭐️ This is available on either the Shopify Launch Plus or Growth plans and above.

Navigation 📍

  • Login to

  • Publishing >>> Widget Library

  • Select filter Company Reviews

  • Click Email Review Signature

Instructions ⚙️

Follow the instructions for your email client.  Generally, you will copy the code displayed at the top of the screen (this code is unique to your account) and paste it into your email client.  You can find full instructions for the following email clients on the Email Review Signature page 👇

  • Outlook Live

  • Outlook for Windows

  • Outlook for Mac

  • Outlook 2010

  • Gmail

  • Inbox by Gmail

  • Apple Mail

  • Mozilla Thunderbird

For any client not listed here, the process is similar.  Consult the documentation for your email client and copy the code into the appropriate place.

Note: In order to maximise performance and email deliverability, the statistics are updated once a day and may not always show an up to date review count and score!

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