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Sending an SMS invitation via the Quick Invite Tool

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Updated over a week ago has now added free SMS invitations to Growth and above accounts. The monthly limit for SMS invitations will depend on your current price plan.


⭐️ Growth plan or above!


You can also add more SMS invitations onto your Account through the Subscription page of the dashboard πŸ“±

You can see your SMS invitation limit two ways πŸ‘‡

One way to view the limit is by going into your Timeline within the account.

Once you are within the Timeline, you will see a section showing 'Review Invitations' on the right hand side after scrolling down:

This will show the number of SMS invitations that you have sent for the month and will also display the Next Limit Reset date.

You can also view your remaining SMS invitations through the Quick Invite Tool which is located at the top right-hand side of the dashboard of your account

If you click into the Quick Invite Tool, a pop-up will be displayed which shows the Remaining SMS, SMS Message, and Fields for Customer Details πŸ‘‡

The SMS Message box will display a default message which includes [LINK]

This is the message that the customer will see when they receive the SMS and you can edit this message if you wish.

Note: You must keep the [LINK] within the SMS Message else the review collection link will not be included.

If the [LINK] is not included within the SMS Message then the customer will not be able to proceed with the review.

In order to send an SMS Review Invitation, you will need to include all required customer data fields such as the customer's name, order ID, and mobile number.

If you are looking to send a Product Invitation, you will also need to include the correct product SKU.

Once you have filled all of the required information, you can then proceed and send the invitation πŸŽ‰

Note: The character limit per SMS is: 140 characters - 14 characters for the link. Exceeding this will use an additional SMS from your allowance.

The SMS invitation will then be processed and added into the queue which you can see within your Invitation History!

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