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Post-Review Flows within Klaviyo
Post-Review Flows within Klaviyo

How to build flows off the back of whether your customers leave a review or not.

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Before setting up Post-Review Flows through Klaviyo you must enable the integration within Setting up Klaviyo integration.

Instructions βš™οΈ

Once you have setup your Klaviyo integration, and collected your first review via our Review booster, or one of our automated review collection methods, you can then begin to create post review flows using the dynamic data we push through to Klaviyo through our Klaviyo integration. There are a variety of different triggers that can be used to create flows off the back of, see some handy examples below.

Note: You will need to collect a review first before the triggers are pushed to Klaviyo.

Thank You/Follow up sequence flow πŸ‘‡

A thank you/follow up sequence or flow is a great way to say thank you in a personalised manner to your customers who not only left you a review, but you can also re-send a review request using our dynamic link. See below for steps how to do so.

Note: The following instructions are using the triggers for Company Level Reviews. If you want to do this for Product reviews, you will need to use the necessary triggers based off of the definitions on this page here.

1. Sign into your Klaviyo account and select 'Flows' on the left hand side, then 'Create Flow' on the right.

2. Select 'Create From Scratch', then title it 'Post Review Thank You/Follow Up' and select 'Create Flow'.

3. Select 'Metric' from the list of triggers for your flow.

4. Then select 'ReviewsIOReview' from the metric list and hit Done.

5. Drag and drop a conditional split to your underneath your trigger.

6. Select 'What someone has (or has not) done' and choose 'ReviewsIOPositiveReview' and hit save.

7. Drag and Drop an 'Email' to underneath the 'YES' sequence and title it 'Review Thank You Email'.

Note: You can style the email to be whatever you would like here, obviously you will want to keep it on brand in terms of styling to your other emails you send from Klaviyo.

Some additional points to consider:

  • If you were running a voucher code or promotion, this would be a great place to put it.

  • Using our data feeds, you can also add previous 5 star reviews to this email, see setup instructions here.

  • Don't be afraid to consider expanding the flow off of the back of this, customers that leave you a positive review can usually be seen as loyal customers and the opportunity to create recurring customer revenue is there.

Thank You/Follow up sequence flow ADVANCED options πŸ‘‡

Follow up email for customers that did not leave a review

Note: This requires our Dynamic Link which is an upgrade on our Small Business and Growing Business packages, please use the live chat in the bottom right of the dashboard if this of interest. You can read about our dynamic links here.

Once you have followed the steps above, see below for the ability to re-request a review if the customer has not left a review from your initial email.

  1. Add a 'Conditional Split' to the 'NO' sequence of your flow.

2. Select 'What someone has (or has not) done' and choose 'ReviewsIONegativeReview' and hit save.

3. Click on your initial trigger 'When Someone ReviewsIOReviews' and select 'Flow Filters' from the Trigger Setup on the left. Then select 'Add A Flow Filter'.

4. Select 'What someone has (or has not) done' and choose 'Fulfilled Order' from the dropdown and hit Save.

The flow should now look similar to the below:

5. Add a 'Time Delay' and select how long after the order is fulfilled you want the review request being sent to the NO sequence on the 'ReviewsIONegativeReview' conditional split.

Note: It is important to consider the time the first invitation was sent, so if the first invite was sent after 10 days from Order Fulfilment in, I would suggest leaving another 7 days after that for the second request, totalling 17 days on the time delay.

6. Add an email and title it '2nd Review Request'. By using the dynamic link instructions here, you can create an email template and add a follow up email for a second review request for those that did not ask the first time.

Note: You can do this as many times as you wish, by repeating steps 2-6, however we don't recommend more than 2 follow up review requests for best practice purposes.

Managing Negative Review Feedback Through Klaviyo

Now you have setup a thank you email for those that leave a positive review, and a follow up review request for those that did not leave a review, something you could consider doing is creating a flow for those who leave negative review sentiment.

It is important to consider your strategy when dealing with customers who have had a negative experience within your brand, as how each company does this will differ.

If you were looking to send an email to start an email communication with a customer who has had a negative experience, you can do the following:

On the flow already created, add an email under the 'YES' sequence of 'Has ReviewsIONegativeReview at least once over all time'. I titled this 'Negative Feedback Email Follow Up'.

What you add on this email is up to you, whether it be a [reply to] email where the customer can disclose what has happened, or whether you advise the customer your team will be in contact to discuss what has happened.

Handy trick: If you were to resolve the issue with the customer, you can use the 'ASK TO REVISE' button within your timeline and ask the customer to re-do their review.

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