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Flow - Follow Up Review Requests via Email or SMS
Flow - Follow Up Review Requests via Email or SMS

How to send a follow up SMS or Email if your customer has not replied.

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A follow up Email or SMS is a great way to collect reviews from those who may not have left a review from your initial email request.


  • SMS bolt on in your account.

  • Active account.


  • Select Invitations

  • Choose Flow


Firstly, create a basic review request flow by following this guide here. It should look something like the below:

To send a follow up email, add a Yes/No condition and in the data field select your review type (company review).

Hit back, and you will see be presented with the flow below:

Under the No path, drop a Time Delay and set this to your choosing (it would be recommended to leave at least 5 days before asking for another review request).

Finally, drop either a Follow Up Email or Follow Up SMS underneath the delay to send a follow up request.

If you are using the SMS follow up then please be aware that this is only supported by the following collection methods -

  • Review Booster

  • Shopify

  • Woocommerce

  • Maropost (Neto)

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