As opposed to sending your company review invitations through the invitation emails, we offer the ability to do so through Klaviyo.


Creating a Post Purchase Review Request Flow

  1. Create a new flow from within your Klaviyo dashboard, and choose 'Create from Scratch'.

  2. Set the trigger to 'Order Placed' or 'Fulfilled Order' depending on what event you would like to use to begin the flow. Note: Only these two triggers will work to send an SMS request with the dynamic link.

  3. Add a 'Time Delay' to however long after order fulfilment you want the request sending to your customer.

4. Add an 'SMS' action to the flow.

5. Select the SMS, and hit 'Edit'.

6. Add your copy to the SMS.

7. Add the Dynamic Link. Instructions to embed this link correctly are available here.

An example URL could be:{{ person|lookup:"first_name"|default:'' }}&order_id={{ person|lookup:"phone_number"|default:'' }}&email={{ person|lookup:"email"|default:'' }}&type=company

Note I have added the following placeholders from Klaviyo:

  • user={{ person|lookup:"first_name"|default:'' }} which will automatically collect the customers name.

  • order_id={{ person|lookup:"phone_number"|default:'' }} which will automatically collect the customers phone number.

  • email={{ person|lookup:"email"|default:'' }} which will automatically collect the customers email.

By doing so, when the customer clicks the link in your SMS, they will be directed to the collector page to leave a verified company review.



Collection Form:

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