• Active account

  • Active Klaviyo account

  • UGC Bolt-on


  • Log into

  • Head to UGC >> Publish

  • From here, click the 'Embed in Klaviyo Email' option.


Once you have clicked on this option, a pop-up will appear like below -

This allows you to choose how many images to include in the widget and will show you the layouts of each option when selected.

When you are happy with your collage selection, you can then copy the code provided to you and paste it into your Klaviyo emails.

Creating Data Feeds within Klaviyo

If you have not created the Data Feed already, then you will need to do so before adding the widget code to your emails.

1) In Klaviyo click "Data Feeds" in the left navigation, then click the blue "Add Web Feed" button on the right.

2) Enter the name "ReviewsIOInfluencers" and the URL[YOUR STORE KEY]&include_image_url=1

The Request Method should be set to "GET" and the Content-Type should be "JSON".

You can then create a new text block in your email template, click the source button and add the UGC code from your dashboard.

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